Must Have Kitchen Tools And Gadgets For Healthy Cooking

Today’s post was supposed to be a video version of this, but I filmed it and unfortunately, I didn’t program the audio recorder correctly, so the video had no sound.

Total fail. But alas, I wanted to still bring you this content, because I’m always asked, “What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?”

So, bookmark this post and when you’re ready to stock your kitchen for a lifetime of healthy cooking, you’ll be set.

I’ve only been cooking since 2008, the fall of my senior year of college. I became a vegan that August and had to slowly teach myself to cook, because in 2008, in North Carolina, the vegan options were few and far between. Unless I wanted to settle for garden salads and baked potatoes at restaurants, I knew I had to learn to cook.

Thus, from the beginning of my culinary career, I focused on finding creative ways to prepare and cook vegetables. Therefore, I’ve slowly collected kitchen tools that help the healthy cook.

All of the items you see in this post are the actual products I use in my own kitchen!

This is my “must-have” list. I use these tools every single day, always. They’re the basics, and I couldn’t prepare 90% of my meals without them.

Well, obviously. This is my branded, designed spiralizer and is exclusive and proprietary to Inspiralized. It’s the best spiralizer out there.

A quality Chef’s knife will change the way you cook, no exaggeration. Food preparation will happen more precisely, more quickly, and with more ease. If you’re a beginner cook, this is an investment that will change your game and expedite the process of learning how to cook. It’s like the mascara to my kitchen – I couldn’t go a day without it! I use Wusthof knives, and I love my 6″ Cook’s Knife.

I have 90235 skillets, but the ones I use the most are my 10″ and 12″ skillets. We received an Analon set for our wedding, and I love it. Because I cook mostly vegetables and not much meat, these non-stick pans are perfect. If you cook a lot of meat, these pans won’t work as well for you.

Along with my 90235 pans, I also have another 90235 saucepots. Okay, I’m obviously exaggerating, but I have a lot. However, the ones that are crucial are my 2 quart and 4.5 quart. The 2 quart allows you to heat up sauces easily and quickly, while the 4.5 quart allows you to make soups, like my Zucchini Noodle Ramen.

It’s essential to have separate cutting boards for your meats and your veggies to avoid cross-contamination. I’m pretty “pyscho” when it comes to that. I use my plastic, easily-washed cutting boards when I’m handling poultry and meat and then when I’m doing my day-to-day veggie dicing, I use my nice wood cutting board.

How can you spiralize a beet without a peeler? Exactly! A vegetable peeler lets you make ribbon salads and of course, peel vegetables. I’ve been using the same OXO peeler for YEARS and have never had a problem.

These are absolute musts, I use them for everything, from tossing spiralized veggies to making soups. I have about 15 different types of spatulas and spoons, but the ones I couldn’t live without are a spatula, tongs, and a wooden spoon.

If you want to make spiralized rice, you need a food processor. If you want to make healthy sauces like homemade pesto, you’ll need a food processor. I honestly mostly use my Mini-Chop and it works just fine. I’ve had it since 2008!

Pretty basic, but I figured I’d include this on the list, because some people may not think they’re necessary. If you follow recipes, they’re especially important. If you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda person, they may not be necessary. Since I write recipes every day, they’re a must.

I don’t use fine salt and pepper unless it’s in a soup or baked goods. I always use fresh grinders – the flavor is taken to a new level and it’s a way to use a less processed salt and pepper. Plus, you can have fun with cool salts like pink Himalayan salt!

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